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House Management 
"Your Personal House Manager"

A woman is cleaning out her wardrobe, standing by clothes placed on hangers and in drawers
Woman wearing cleaning gloves, unloading open dishwasher machine in the kitchen. Full dish

We know that keeping up with the day to day household chores can be tough!

That is why The Balance Point can be the perfect extension of your family! 

Our services are designed to make your life easier!! 

The Standard Package: 

Monday - Friday Pricing: 

  • Rate: $50 an hour 

  • Paid Weekly (Monday for the previous week) 

House Manager Services Require
an executed contract for services.

** Weekend Pricing Available - Please Contact Us! **

So What's Next.....

What does the standard package include?? 

Surface Level Cleaning: 

We will do the light surface cleaning for you! Sweeping, vacuuming, light dusting, surfaces, & trash removal! If you would like weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly "deep cleaning" done we can discuss that an additional price.


The word we all dread, laundry! We can wash, fold, & put away whatever you need in terms of laundry! At our first initial consultant we can go over what laundry aspects you need managed & how we will handle that for you! 

We Make All The Beds: 

Who doesn't like to come home to a made bed?? Yes, we will make all the beds in your house, along with switching / washing your sheets / blankets on your desired schedule. 

Pick Up Around The House: 

We will help manage your daily "pick up"! Whether that is putting shoes back in closets, picking up your kid's play area, or fixing your bathroom back to its perfect state! We got your back! We want you to come home a very "tidy" home! 

Kitchen Attention: 

The Kitchen is the heart beat of the home & usually can be the messiest! We will get all of your dishes clean, your stove shining, & your counter tops squeaky clean! We also love making sure your pantry stays organized & your refrigerator is clean! 

Household Inventory: 

We love to make sure your bathrooms, kitchen & any other home areas are well stocked! Whether that is toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc. We will help manage those needs! 

Call or Text US.....

Let's schedule your initial consultation.....

Then Your Life Get's Easier - Your Services Begin!

We also do much, more more!
Check out our additional services below!

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Prepared Meals

Meal Planning & Prep

Dry Clean

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Woman Cleaning Furniture

Deep Cleaning


Small Event Planning

Dogs on a Bench

Pet Sitting

At the Supermarket

House Organization


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